FP Markets is a top-based Australian firm that offers CFD and Forex trading options in the global market

Information about FP Markets

Top-based Australian broker
Offers CFD and Forex Trading
Licensed and regulated by CySEC, ASIC and FSA

You are investing at your own risk

Review of FP Markets

About FP Markets

FP Markets is an Australian-based Forex and CFD provider where traders all over the world can access full trading products in the international market within the portal. They have 15 years of industry experience in trading equities, commodities, metals, indices, forex pairs, cryptocurrencies. FP Markets offer 5 cryptos: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherum, Ripple nad Litecoin.

Major trading is made through three platforms with technical indicators and analysis. These are done through the IRESS platform, MT4, and MT5.

The brokerage firm offers one of the most competitive economic and financial portfolio for Australian and non-Australian traders, money managers, and startups. FP Markets is duly licensed and regulated by CySEC in Cyprus and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK.

Is FP Markets a safe broker?

First Prudential Markets Pty Ltd or FP Markets is a registered company with legal documentation of its brokerage activities presented on its website. It operates under the Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) of 286354.

When it opened in 2005, FP Markets introduced the webIRESS to provide online services and help increase customer engagement. In 2007, the company got listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) while introducing the world’s first exchange-traded Contracts for Difference.

While there are common complaints about their online services, the brokerage firm receives plenty of positive feedback from both industry experts and their clients. They also have excellent customer support, public transparency, a range of instruments, and trading assets.

The pricing model and ease of use of the platform, however, does need a bit more work if clientele opinion is considered. Nonetheless, the firm delivers on its operational aspects well and even won over 35 different awards from various agencies and outlets throughout its years of operation.

With their outstanding provision of portfolio, assets, and service, FP Markets is highly trusted by the market. It is with confidence that we can say that the firm is not a scam broker and that traders can rest assured that the company is a legitimate and trusted brokerage.

If you’re interested in depositing your funds into an ethical online trading firm, FP Markets is certainly worth checking out.

Pros and cons of trading with FP Markets

There are plenty of CFD and Forex providers around so how do you know if FP Markets is the right broker for you? Here are reviews about the company from the clients and experts themselves.


  • The company offers full market transparency with direct access to different products. This means there will be no dealer intervention between you and third-party affiliations.
  • Liquidity and price of assets are identical to the exchange.
  • FP Markets offer products at the best value for your money.
  • Vast range of assets, instruments, and financial portfolio information with full market depth.
  • Easy research and trading education and tutorial platform for beginners or advanced traders.
  • Easy to transfer accounts like CHESS with little to no fees


  • The trading platforms are not user-friendly and may take time for individuals to be familiarized with it. But still, the platforms are reliable and serviceable.
  • Increase in operating costs of the broker.
  • Higher prices in trading. But it’s not exactly a “con’ since FP Markets provide users with great service

Trading Options offered by FP Markets

On their web portal, interested parties would find their three services currently on offer: CFD, Forex, and Share trading.

CFDs are complex trading options, but it can offer traders a safe introduction to the market with only a percentage of the value you will buy. It weighs the potential outcome of profits and losses because of the price movements in the market.

This trading hosts over 10,000 assets and is available in three account types. Meanwhile, FP Markets has Share Trading, but it appears to be shares-based CFDs and not involving the actual purchase of shares.

With Shares Trading, clients can open individual, joint, company, trust or self-managed accounts where you can both access CFD and share trading on one platform.

Forex trading at FP Markets lets clients have direct access to forex trading and educational materials to add to their knowledge and enable them to trade better in this highly liquid market. Individuals can also make use of the MT4 platform with as little as 0.0 pips spread.

FP Markets Trading Platforms

There are three trading platforms for FP Markets built with an intuitive interface design and analytical tools to study the financial market.

CFDs make use of the IRESS which was upgraded to the Iresstrader platform built with HTML5 codes. It consists of multi-product execution and an advanced charting interface to spot potential trading opportunities.

Here are key features:

  • 59 Technical Indicators
  • 50+ Drawing Tools
  • Over 10,000 instruments
  • Comprehensive selection of time intervals
  • Charts customization
  • Saving your chart templates
  • Comparison of price between instruments

The IRESS system is loaded with tools which allows the trader to better study the market. These interfaces can be customized to fit your preferences and needs.

CFD trading is done through an IRESS platform, more precisely through the latest, Iresstrader iteration of the platform which features innovative charting technology, and a surprisingly massive selection of analytic instruments.

Meanwhile, the MT4 platform provides users a unique Forex trading experience to deliver advanced charting, quotes, and news about the financial market.

It allows one-click trading for you to trade off charts and make limits and stop orders against your loss and profits. The MT4 has three customizable charts and time frames to suit your trading experience.

It has over 50 installed indicators for perusal. There’s also an Expert Advisor’s trading solution to provide you strategies on how to handle certain conditions.

Last, the MT5 offer traders and advanced market lookout and trading opportunities in the sector. Features include hedging, strategy tester for EAs, over 80 indicators and graphic objects, and six pending order types for stop limits.

Mobile Trading, is it Possible with FP Markets?

Mobile Trading is possible with FP Markets as the site optimizes its user preferences across different media channels and devices. This makes the trading platforms fully functional and easily accessed by traders who are always on the go.

MT4 and MT5 are compatible with iOS and Android applications. There are also offline modes available with complete charts and prices of the trading options.

Bonuses for new traders offered by FP Markets

There are unfortunately no bonuses offered for new traders at the moment. Our editors will update this review if FP Markets decides to introduce bonuses in the future.

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