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Learning from the best traders: getting down to the nitty gritty

Have you heard about the foreign exchange market? It is a global market where currencies of different nations are “traded.” To join, you need to participate in forex trading, also known as currency trading. It takes good skill and strategizing to be able to succeed at it. While skill and strategy can be refined with years of experience, you can likewise learn a lot from reading through forex forums. There is a good deal of threads that contain meaningful lessons on trading. You can also participate in the threads for more collaborative learning. After reading, you can then formulate your own strategy. Of course, any formulated strategy cannot be presumed to be effective unless you’ve actually applied it in trading.

Our goal is to aid you find forex trading forums that can help you discover your trading niche. But foremost, you need to decide what you want to focus on—multicurrency trading, single currency, cross-currency, or even cryptocurrency, among others. While it is recommended to learn all, it is also important to have your own specialization so that you can focus your resources—time, attention, and wisdom—on enhancing your skills. The best traders have all gone through this. Every professional starts out as a beginner.

Why should you be part of at least one forex forum?

When you browse through a forex forum, you will find that there are several threads about a single topic, but do not be confused. Having superfluous sources is good. In fact, that is great. That means you can select from the diverse threads and absorb different strategies and approaches. The choice ultimately falls upon you to decide which one you want to be part of.

The primary advantage of using forex trading forums is that you get to learn from traders who have had wide-ranging prior experiences and who have been doing trial and error until they’ve succeeded in currency trading. That saves you a lot of money as compared to when you start trading without any background information. You might get frustrated if at first try, you lose a great deal of money. You can be spared from that agony by simply educating yourself through forex forums.

Aside from that, it is good to join forums because they apprise you of the latest news in forex trading. You can also connect with other traders who have long been professionals in forex trading. You can intermingle with traders who are trading with the currencies that you want to trade, too. It will be similar to a guild-style mentorship. You will be an apprentice to the masters of the trade.

Given these, it is better to be part of at least one forum than none. Imagine the benefits you can reap just from joining. Mind you, joining forums is usually free of charge. Many forex trading forums have educational divisions. Not only do they offer strategies, they also offer web seminars, workshops, e-books, and online modules that can help you with your understanding of trading. As a result, forums are not exclusively for conversations or chats about trading. They are also apparatuses of education themselves.

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7 Recommended Forums for Forex Traders

There are many trading forums out there, but here are seven that are highly recommended for beginners, arranged in no particular order:

The – This site has been around for over fourteen years. With 2,287 traders and counting, is where you can find forex threads, news, live accounts, trade feed, scanners, and forecasts all in one page. It is a prominent trading forum that has both an unswerving reputation and a massive base of traders and members. It also has a dedicated button for the market scanner, viewable by the last 4 hours up to the latest minute (you can even adjust your time zone settings). In short, you can find all you need in one website.

Babypips Forums — Babypips has an interactive site where discussions between and among traders and brokers happens. Through its School of Pipsology, it offers online courses for trading in the currency markets at no cost. Should you want to test your knowledge and approach, you can also take their trading quizzes on market-related topics. For immediate needs, you can consult their forex glossary, Forexpedia, and use it to enhance your vocabulary in trading, too! There are news from different providers that are available as well.

Forex Signals — This forum offers a free trial to their 24/7 live trading room. Founded in 2012, it now has over 40,000 members. It has a trading room where you can learn about some do’s and don’ts in the trade. You can choose from a lot of rooms, with each having at least one professional trader (you can join their mentorship program). Just in case you want to expand your knowledge to other kinds of trading, it also has information on bitcoin trading.

Forex Tips — ForexTips have many available various discussion forums that discuss various topics. They also have webinars which you can attend online. It similarly has a selection of forex tools: an economic calendar, forex IQ, and trade calculator. It also has a forex glossary. Further, it has a Forex Academy which is divided into levels: Forex 101 for beginners, advanced training, and expert training. If you need broker and trading software reviews, they likewise have accessible ones.

Earn Forex — Earn Forex has been helping traders since 2005. In their website, you can access service forums, forex discussions, trading platforms, advertisements, and even off-topic discussions. It also has links to different trading brokers, should you need them. What’s more, they have a weekly forex technical analysis.

Trade2Win — If you’re the type who likes to receive monthly newsletters, Trade2Win is the forum for you. They have an e-book, “Trade2Win FAQs,” that you can purchase through their site. They also host articles of many famous traders like Dr. Alexander Elder, William O’Neill, and John Bollinger. The website shows you how many threads and posts have been made for each forum topic.

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