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About Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are digital money secured and preserved to increase its value over time. The market for cryptocurrencies is wildly fast and growing. It’s an active industry where cryptocurrencies get launched and died every day. Popularly, Bitcoin has invoked enthusiasm and fascination in the public. However, there are other types of cryptocurrencies that has emerged in the market - Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin are some of these. The ever growing trend of cryptocurrencies has led traders to watch for news bits to learn of a new expansion, launching, payment processor, and crypto audits.

News Trends on Cryptocurrencies

Trading Top Lists provides reliable news and data information about the crypto asset and blockchain technology to users and the community. We aim to inform and educate the digital community as one of the leading news providers of cryptocurrencies. Top survey and research companies have reported that businesses and financial institutions are considering trading digital currencies for the next 12 months. Even individuals are jumping in and showed interest for new coins, market cap prices, and payment expansions. News portals serve as a healthy sentiment of the growing industry. Even so, this rich ecosystem of digital currencies experiences volatility. Investors keep an eye on new developments that can shake the cryptocurrency world.

Why Should You Monitor Cryptocurrencies

The digital world is an interesting place to explore endless possibilities. Learning to trade and invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum can be confusing, but there are news and online resources that can help anyone to trade better. Monitoring of cryptocurrencies is not just about new coins, market cap prices, or expansion. It’s also about how liquid the market is for future developments that affect the economy. Developments. Is there a company using Bitcoins for payment - supposedly your insurance and hospitals can be duly covered with digital currencies? Cryptocurrencies can be integrated into an existing business to serve as payments for services. The ever growing environment of the industry is hard to keep track. That’s why monitoring movements in the digital currency world is vital for a successful trading. Emerging coins and crypto assets. A lot of cryptocurrencies are listed every day. Traders and investors would want to keep on track for the latest coins to be converted and used to store value, transactions, or mining. There are also emerging crypto managers, monitoring framework systems, and exchange sites people might find useful. Market cap prices. Traders would want to know how their investments are going and whether they end up in profits or losses. The market is highly volatile and unpredictable, investors have to study the fluctuations and make a prediction if it’s going to continue on a downhill slope. Traders can make early guesses and financial strategies to combat the fluctuations of these prices. Fraud alert. The growing opportunity in investing with cryptocurrencies led to the rise of scam sites and fraudulent activities. These can be crypto sites with high promises of returns or an asset manager that has holes for phishing attacks. The news portal will bring announcements to which crypto companies are worth investing. A technical analysis of data is needed to read the current trends of the crypto market. Although, it is not highly accurate, a monitoring of all developments in the economy is helpful to make predictions of digital currencies.

News to find here

Trading Top Lists publishes news about the dynamic environment of coins and tokens. We capture the top popular cryptocurrencies of today and their movement in the market.


It’s the first and most well-known cryptocurrency used mainly as a mode of payment in transactions. However, it is also one of the most attacked currencies in cyber-crimes. For seven years, Bitcoin has proved itself to stay in the market.


It’s a flexible blockchain technology used not only in transactions but in complex contracts as well. A lot of Ethereum-based currencies emerged to combat online attacks. In a way, Ethereum became a host of other tokens than just a single currency.


Litecoin came next to Bitcoin, but moves faster and deals with huge amount of tokens in volume. It launched with a new mining algorithm similar to Bitcoin. In fact, the currency is considered a little brother to the latter and used to develop as a backup in case Bitcoin fails.


Monero embedded kryptonite privacy features, unlike other currencies. Its algorithm hides all trails of your transactions with a concept called ring-signatures. It has a steady increase of price in the market today. However, usage for the currency is still limited.